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Where can I import high quality hair weave?

Good question.

I am a supplier from China. My company focus on human hair extensions and lace wigs.

Now google makes things easy that you can find many things. Many business start at google search.

if you search <Brazilian hair>, you may find some suppliers from your country, and some suppliers from China.

Actually, most hair extensions factories located in China. some located in Vietnam and India.

If you want to import high-quality hair weave, find the exact factories or trading companies.

Some factory focus on human hair extensions, some focus on synthetic hair extensions, some focus on human hair lace wigs, some focus on tape in hair extensions.

In China, most trade companies located in Guangzhou and Qingdao.

Most factories located in Qingdao, Juancheng, Xuchang.

If you want cooperate with factory, find one in these three point.

Then you need know what exact high-quality hair weave, and know how much the weave should be? not cheap, not animal hair, or no synthetic hair, or Japanese synthetic or Chinese synthetic?

If you don’t known anything about high-quality hair weave, better go to Guangzhou and see in the stores, touch the hair and ask why this why that.

And, if you can come to China, better go to Qingdao, Xuchang, Juancheng to find factories and visit.

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