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for men, there are toupee. 7*9 size like this, short hair, Swiss lace, mono, PU, V loop and so on.

About ultra-thin PU toupee product features and instructions!
Thin PU toupee hair block hair generally black, because many customers will not be dyed or accidentally can be dyed on the net, so we produced directly to the dye, the black hair can not dye the color again ; Thin PU toupee product features is realistic, thin, but the disadvantage is impermeable, shorter life expectancy, usually about 3 months, because the bottom is too thin, the process will be hair loss, which are all normal, Is also a special one of this product; wearing double-sided adhesive paste, 1-2 weeks after the need for double-sided adhesive (according to the temperature, the summer time for the ground, the winter time to change a little longer) When used to glue, the glue to the net coated on the bottom of the net 5-10 minutes after gently remove the old plastic left in the net, and then until the net dry after the new film affixed to start normal use It! (Avoid: Do not pull directly down the hair piece, because the bottom is very thin, or it is easy to tear! The process of feeling the scalp is sticky is the glue, the double-sided adhesive use for a long time or the weather is very hot plastic At this time need to change a new plastic)


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