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What is the hell A in Hair Extensions&Lace Wigs Industry?

Regarding hair, there are some misunderstandings. First one will be hair grade 1. In hair industry, there are no standard for hair grade some say 5a ,6a 7a, some say 8a, 9a, 10a. Really headche questions for suppliers. We just sort in non remy and remy hair. Remy hair also have normal quality and better quality. Remy hair that normal quality is enough for most customer’s request, you do not need to pay for better quality hair. If you wanna bleached hair to platinum blonde 613 in factory, then choose better quality hair, that will present perfect color look, if you want to bleached hair to 613 in salon, just choose normal quality remy hair.

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Hair Material- REMY hair

What is the meaning of REMY hair?
Somebody call it virgin hair.
Root with root, ends with ends. None hair have ever been upside down. This is the best material for hair weave, for lace wigs and Tape in extension.
Recognize: for natural color hair, black root, it is a little light brown at the ends, dry, listless, or brittle, split-ends. Even the hair had ever been bleached or colored, healthy hair is highly elastic.
Hair cuticle scales reserved, and the scales all same direction.
There is another kind REMY hair, manual REMY hair.
A machine can make non-Remy hair to REMY.
What’s the different?
Manual made REMY hair been washed in acid lightly. Or it won’t be smooth.
Of course, there is difference between REMY and manual Remy hair, REMY hair will last longer than manual Remy hair when you wear it.
Never been washed in acid in the process that for REMY hair.
The price of REMY hair is much higher than non-Remy and manual Remy hair.
I will post another page to talk about the price of material, and I will upload a video on YouTube how to feel REMY hair.