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Lace Front Wigs Or Full Lace Wigs?-Wholesale lace wigs, cap inside of lace front wig& full lace wig

Lace front wig is cheaper than full lace wig, I think this is one of the reasons it’s more popular than full lace wig.

if there is big difference when you wear full lace wig and lace front wig? I mean, cap inside ???

the follow picture show the search volume on Google of full lace wig, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, lace front wig.

It seems that lace front wigs is the most popular word on Google.

A lace-front implies that the hairline is ventilated (strands of hair knotted onto lace or net) while the remainder of the wig is wefting (“tracks” of hair composed of hundreds-thousands of strands) attached to a mesh or other kind of cap. Lace-fronts can be machine or handmade and do not usually require a person’s head measurements to be taken, unless custom-made. Lace-fronts also take less time to make, since ventilation is limited to the hairline. They give a more realistic appearance than your standard “hard-lace” wigs, but are more affordable than a full-lace. A lace-front can allow a wig-wearer to change their parting, whereas hard-lace wigs are not as forgiving.

A full-lace wig is entirely ventilated. All of the hair is attached to lace by being hand-tied and it is usually very time-consuming! Various types of human hair can be used in making a full-lace. They are often reserved for serious wig-wearers, stage/movie work, or celebrities because they last the longest of any wig type and are very costly. Unless it’s a store-bought full-lace wig, head measurements and tracings will be required (front to back hairline, ear to ear, head circumference). It’s uncommon for the average person to buy or wear a full-lace because of how expensive and uncommon they are, but many wig/beauty shops do sell them.

It’s much more common to find a lace-front wig since generally people are more concerned with a realistic-looking hairline & the ability to part their hair. The price disparity can be great between the two types as well, so lace wigs are not commonly worn by the layperson unless they are machine-made.

contact for your wig, thank you!

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Lace Wigs Cap Dimension-Especially for full lace wigs and lace front wigs

Lace Wigs is different from the hair extensions, for everyone, the size of the head is different, around the various angles, size is not all the same. But fortunately full lace wig and lace front wig are part of the elastic network, in order to adapt to different people’s head type.
Whether you are doing lace wig wholesale business as wig store or buy yourself a wig, please determine the size of the wig you want, and like hair extensions, to confirm the length of the hair.

Sometimes, there’s no stock the exact size you want. Cap sise M could be modified to cap size S, just circumference dimension.

About the price. same price for S & M, extra $10 for L. As usual, cap size M fit most.

Especially for full lace wigs and lace front wigs, please confirm wig size.

For machine sew wig, it’s one size fit all. no worry about cap size thing.lac

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Factory Wholesale Lace Wigs And Hair Weft Bundles

To dear customer,

Here is a factory, not very big, about 200 + employees, We are in business as a manufacturer, as a big wholesaler, not retailer.
If you are wholesaler, let’s talk more about your own brands, your logo, OEM service that I can offer.
If you are retailer, salon, hair extensions shop and wig store, let’s talk more about quality, products and price, even drop shipping.
If you are trying to buy the hair for yourself, please let me know, or go to Aliexpress directly. I don’t want to waste much time on buyers who want free sample, who ask cheap and cheap hair or wigs. It cost too much for my factory, for my empolyee.

Please Email me for more details about cap size, patterns, colors, lace material, cap inside structure.

For lace wigs, there are three different grade of hair.
Top grade hair named Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, original virgin hair that cuticles in same direction, shiny black, natural, could be bleaced to platinum blonde 613/60

Medium grade hair named Chinese hair, original hair that cuticles in same direction, some wigs #4/27, #27/613, #4/30 highlight in stock that is Chinese hair, could be bleached to light brown #27.

First grade hair named Indian hair, REMY hair that cuticles in same direction by manual work, as usual color #1, #1b, #2, #4 and natural black in stock.

For hair weave,

If you know how to test quality of hair, that’s terrific!

If you don’t know, or ask me” what type of hair do you have?” or “what’s the grade of hair?” I will recommon *a grade or Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair.

I know you are looking for cheap hair, no worries, definitely top quality.