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Hair Extensions And Lace Wigs Customized Packaging box

PVC / Packaging box

Please offer your design arkwork, logo, request about material, dimensions.
Usually the customized packaging for hair extensions is PVC bags, plus a cardboard, private logo labels.

For lace wigs, usually cardboard box, with private logo, image.

If you are making a fake wholesale business, or intend to start wig wholesale business, be sure to consider custom packaging and create your own brand, learn key points about quality control.

Please note that it is better that offer me all the details, such as logo size, cardboard thickness, image color, etc.
through the packaging of lace wigs, to highlight the quality of lace wigs, the power of the brand on the lace wigs

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Why Cheap? The Net Weight Of Hair extensions/ Lace Wigs

today let’s discuss about weight of bundle.

gross weight 105 grams/ pc.

Do you know the weight of rope? about 3 grams.

So you will know, if the whole bunlde just 100 grams, 3 grams is the rope. The net weight of hair is 97 grams. how much? For example, 18 inches, USD$30,  the rope is $0.9, will you believe it? Crazy.
Some suppliers offer hair bundles, so called 95 grams, you will know the acttly weight of hair. maybe just 90 grams. that’s why it’s cheap.

it’s same for lace wigs, questions is, how many people will weight the wig???

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Why Cheap Brazilian hair? Material

Should I use the word” source ” to express what I am talk about?

The price of material:
Non remy hair<manual remy<REMY hair.

non remy hair is the most common hair for lace wigs and cheap hair weave.

manual remy hair becoming popular these 2-3 years.

remy hair still expensive and will be more expensive in the future. Why? less women keep their hair natural.

Word 1, mink brazilian hair

What is mink hair? mink is animal? are you looking for animal hair? of course cheap!

Word 2, temple Indian hair

I had never to do India, but Viki told me the hair was collected from village, not temple.

Word 3, Russian hair,

All as I know, brown hair was bleached to brown, color ,#6, #8,#10, #30 and so on. some sale Russian hair on Instagram, you can try to ask how much, I don’t think it will be cheap.

Word 4, European hair,

As I know, few factories use European hair, most are Indian hair instead of European hair, Coz Indian hair feel soft.



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Hair Extensions And Lace Wigs On Aliexpress


Aliexpress don’t allow new supplier in hair business this year and charge about $5 a year from allowed suppliers.

How much the suppliers earned?

Will you keep buying cheap hair (Brazilian/ Peruvian/ Russian / Indian hair) on Aliexpress?

Let’s try to determine the price of hair on Aliexpress.

Price is getting higher.



COST. I always talk to clients about cost. Cost of material, employees, packaging and so on.


Here are some complain about environment.

The most hardly pollution from hair industry is used acid, yes, water pollution.

For the cheap hair,non REMY, you have to wash the hair in acid water, it bring smooth hair.

For some small factories who offer most cheap hair do nothing about water pollution, they won’t invest lot in water treatment, this point back to the cost for factory. Cheap, cheap cheap, low cost.

What if the factory near by the river in your hometown?

What if water from this river for drink/ wash?

What if the water getting brown?

That’s all because you want cheap hair on Aliexpress.