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How much do full lace wigs usually cost?

The cost of the full lace wig depends on a lot of factors.

First is the workmanship of lace. In general, the practice of lace in different places is different.for example, the handmade lace wig will be more expensive than others, because its price of labor will always be higher than the mechanical price. And a full lace wigs needs an average worker for a day and a half, so it will be relatively expensive. Moreover, the price of labor in different places are different, resulting in the difference of the price of wigs. But in general, handmade full lace is much more expensive than other woven lace, because the labor cost can not be ignored.

The second is the materials. We all known that the human hair wigs are more expensive than the synthetic wig. The human hair is taken from our heads, while the synthetic hair is made by chemicals; even for the human hair, its cost of growth is relatively high, because it may need to take much time to grow longer in our head, while the synthetic wig may only take a few hours to complete, so we can know their difference in the price. For human hair full lace wig, the price of REMY hair is much higher than non-Remy and manual Remy hair.

In my opinion, I prefer human hair wigs because it just like really hair. With proper care, it can last a year or more when worn daily and it also feel great and can look incredibly natural. To be honest, in the wig industry, the average price is more than $150. Higher price for longer full lace wigs. If you think the full lace is too expensive, the 360 lace wig will be a better choice.

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