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How can I find good human hair extension suppliers on Alibaba or AllExpress?

I am a supplier from China, I had ever sell hair extensions and lace wigs on Alibaba and AliExpress few years ago.

Is that hard to find a good supplier? Yes, very hard, really hard. Unless you come to China and go to the factories, touch the hair, wash the hair, know each point how the hair extensions come out.

In 2013, I started sell hair extensions on Alibaba. At that time, most customers just buy hair, no more questions, if quality not good, they try other suppliers.

Alibaba is not free for the suppliers, and AliExpress is free for the suppliers.

And there are more and more trade companies come out.

Now, both Alibaba and AliExpress charge from the suppliers.

If you talk to a salesmen on Alibaba or Aliexpress, a big problem is, big probability event is the salesmen just know, this is Brazilian hair, this is Indian hair, 8A, 9A, 10A. And how much. Especially on Aliexpress, sales are not professional sales, exactly, they are more like customer service, not sales or businessmen.

They don’t know why quality good, why expensive or cheap.

Cheap Hair On Market

Cost Of Different Hair

Analysis Of Hair On Aliexpress

Many points.

If you don’t know these, you ask 10 A and pay $30 for 18 inches/pc, that would be a joke.

Another things is, most suppliers sell “average” hair.

For example, 18 inches hair weave, price $15-$50, most suppliers just sell hair value $25-$30. Factories can produce high-quality hair extensions, but if your order quantity small, they won’t like to produce it. They won’t take a risk to stock rare types of hair extensions. They all looks the same, so you can’t tell which supplier is good.

In another words, you will find good suppliers on both Alibaba and AliExpress.

but the sales don’t know what the exact hair extensions you are looking for.

In 2017, I stopped sell hair on Alibaba, stopped contract with Alibaba. why?

More and more small buyers ask cheap hair, they don’t know why cheap.

More and more buyers just send inquiry and no reply.

Alibaba charge from the suppliers, that’s not real business for the suppliers.

No more than Google.

On AliExpress, each $100 you pay, Aliexpress charge 5% or more, I think Aliexpress is not better than Alibaba for the wholesalers or the retailers to find the source suppliers.

Now I post videos on YouTube want to show you the real hair extensions factory in China, how the hair extensions come out? What is good quality hair?

When you search on Alibaba or Aliexpress, you will find most pictures are same, Nice picture, low quality hair.

You can’t tell the quality by seeing a picture.

I show you all things in the videos, and tell you why this why that in the videos. The videos won’t lie.


Anyway, find a professional sales, your business will going easy.

Good luck.

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