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Hair Wholesale Business-Brazilian Hair Or Indian Hair? Hair Extensions Or Lace Wigs

I like some data on Google.

From a global perspective, indian hair is more hot than Brazilian hair.
But in the United States, Brazilian hair is more popular than Indian hair

hair extensions and wig store.

more search on Google hair extensions than Wig store/ lace wigs.

It seems that I am doing lace wig business, which is in the hair market, accounting for a small part.
Today I saw a story, someone else’s experience.
The question is: how to sell a bottle of mineral water to sell 280 yuan?
Some people sell hair 40 yuan, some people sell 80 yuan, some people say that we sell the brand, some people say that we sell the price, then we in the end to sell what? The
The buddy’s answer is: the responsibility of sales is nothing more than two, the high-end products to sell higher prices, the pursuit of more sales for the general product. For a bottle of water, we can only follow its original price to sell, but to ensure quality, pay attention to user reputation, in order to sell a higher sales. Any behavior, want to sell a higher price of ordinary products, are poles apart.
Do you think the lace wigs is not an ordinary product?


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