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Videos of hair and human hair lace wigs on YouTube I ever post

15 6D hair extension

14 cap inside of 360 wig

13 how silk top lace front wig looks like

12 how sew hair weft on machine?

11 how silk top part has being produced in workshop

10 human hair wig- highlight full lace wig for white women

9 how tape in hair extensions has being produced in workshop

8 how to work the 6D hair extension

7 how body wave Brazilian hair has being produced

6 one point why price of bundles different

5 the length of bundles and lace wig, different measure method.

4 a small factory, hair extensions and human hair lace wigs workshop

3 two tone lace front wig, black knots blonde wig

2 the contrast of high-quality and common quality blonde hair wig. platinum blonde hair

1 human hair lace wigs, the differences between full lace wig and lace front wig



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人间正道是沧桑 The road we have taken

The road we have taken
Translation is not vivid, the word vicissitudes contains too much tears, blood and Han.
We look at today’s Yiwu, is a developed open free market, however, maybe we do not understand “chicken feather for sugar.”
Of course, today in the market of Yiwu, we can still see the tradition of winning contentions. The meager profits moisten the business generation after generation.
If you envy the myth of a fortune overnight, it is better to come here to see how the business is continuing.


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In 2017, the total export of Chinese wig products is about 3.177 billion U.S. dollars

In 2017, China’s wig products are exported to all regions of the world. North America is undoubtedly the largest market in China, accounting for 40.26% of the export market. The United States, as the main consumer market in North America, accounts for 39.9% of the total. As the second largest export market for consumer hair products in China, Africa accounted for 34.8% of the total, up 0.3% over the same period of previous year, maintaining a steady trend. South Africa, Nigeria and Benin are the major African markets, accounting for 27.3% of the total. The remaining African countries together account for 7.5% of the total.

Most of Chinese wig products enterprises are located in Central China and South China, with a high degree of concentration, especially in Henan and Shandong. In 2017, the output of China’s hair products accounted for only half of the total exports of Henan Province, with an export volume of approximately 1.61 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 50.7% of the total. The second most closely related country was Shandong with an export volume of approximately 768 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 24.16% , The third of course, or Hunan, exports about 2.56 billion US dollars, accounting for 8.05%, Anhui and Guangdong exports accounted for 5.04% and 3.97% respectively, these five provinces have always occupied the top five Chinese wig export market share , Made a significant contribution to the development of China’s hair products industry.

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China Wig Industry Cross-border e-commerce changes in 2017

The first key word: localization
If the cross-border electricity supplier regards 2014 as the first year, then after two years of development, it has begun to enter the localization, verticalization and community. The partners around us are now all coming to the United States. What are they going to do? Some of them in the United States to open an experience shop, some are doing overseas warehouse, some to attend the show, and some visit customers. In this view, the more prominent point is that cross-border electricity suppliers have moved the stadium to each other’s homeland. The traditional way of foreign trade is like playing football, belonging to the long pass Chong hanging, the ball directly to the other half. It is a manifestation of localization that the ball is passed through the ball to each other’s half-court with long pass red hanging techniques to penetrate and cooperate with each other to find the shot behind the ball.
The second key word: verticalization
The main manifestation of verticalization is the convergence of our hair products industry and electricity supplier traffic, which may even become more prominent. Previously, the competition between e-commerce platforms mainly reflected in the flow of competition. That’s the case, I think, but also reflected in the entire chain, including traffic, supply chain, and localization services competition. Verticalization, industrialization and the integration of e-commerce started to reverse the pattern of the present industry.
Qingdao is a wig production base, once brilliant Jiaozhou Li Gezhuang, because of the growth of labor costs, production shifted to the Mainland. But this one or two years, rejuvenated youth, even CCTV has reported that it is a wig town. Their current wig production, there will be an e-commerce company behind. In other words, this pattern of small and beautiful factories driven by the electricity supplier appears, and the convergence trend between the electricity supplier and the industry is clearly evident.
Some time ago I do not know if you have noticed that there has been a landmark thing, Global Resources (Blackstone) was acquired by black stone. Had Alibaba, Made in China and Global Resources, can be said to dominate our cross-border e-commerce pattern, Global Resources was acquired make us a lot of laments, Alibaba has been before this change and transformation, they passed One-Touch and SINOSURE Data precipitation and trading closed-loop. Made in china Incubates some brands in the United States, which also shows that the grand era of pure platform flow is coming to an end. This deep integration of traffic and industry is indeed an opportunity for us.
The third key word: community
Internet thinking has been said for many years, and cross-border electricity supplier at this stage, the seller and buyer’s enemies of the enemy began into a partnership, so that sellers and buyers to participate in the production and manufacture of hair products, so the personality To achieve this, customized production. I think the changes in cross-border e-commerce associations over the past two years are in line with those of our cross-border e-commerce businesses. It was probably this same time in 2016. In order to open the annual meeting, I wrote a letter “A letter to members of Qingdao Cross-border E-Commerce Association.” We hope that we can make a communication in this way and raised several questions at that time, all of which have now begun to come to an end. In short, we create an ecological environment for cross-border e-commerce.
First, Qingdao is a foreign trade city. At present, Qingdao’s foreign trade has begun to face a restructuring two or three years ago. Now we cross-border e-commerce associations, both our foreign trade enterprises, but also pay and logistics service-oriented enterprises, as well as IT and Internet technology-based enterprises, as well as training of enterprises, so that this ecology has now been formed , Also achieved initial success.
Second, we set up a park, in which I wrote and very much hope that in the new year a group of young people will be able to ride around in the park. Today, it seems that our cross-border e-commerce industrial park has now been operating for about six months and more and 40 enterprises have settled down. Young people also ride in shared bicycles and parks. This is also a sign of rapid changes in the Internet.
Thirdly, we have created a platform that I think will allow members to interact with each other as well as share experiences and chat about the pit they have skipped. Every Wednesday salon, there will be technical aspects of the sharing, the more popular monthly boss salon, so that the limited information was explosive divergence, these are more and more important for cross-border e-commerce businesses. Cross-border e-commerce associations are changing, both a challenge and an opportunity. So today we gather here to make the long voting team a permanent force.
Goethe said: the theory is gray, and the tree of life evergreen! The future of the cross-border e-commerce business of hair products companies will have boundless vitality. Let us use our actions and efforts to showcase a wonderful world for the hair products industry. I believe we will eventually gain something.

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Hair Extensions And Lace Wigs Customized Packaging box

PVC / Packaging box

Please offer your design arkwork, logo, request about material, dimensions.
Usually the customized packaging for hair extensions is PVC bags, plus a cardboard, private logo labels.

For lace wigs, usually cardboard box, with private logo, image.

If you are making a fake wholesale business, or intend to start wig wholesale business, be sure to consider custom packaging and create your own brand, learn key points about quality control.

Please note that it is better that offer me all the details, such as logo size, cardboard thickness, image color, etc.
through the packaging of lace wigs, to highlight the quality of lace wigs, the power of the brand on the lace wigs

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Lace Front Wigs Or Full Lace Wigs?-Wholesale lace wigs, cap inside of lace front wig& full lace wig

Lace front wig is cheaper than full lace wig, I think this is one of the reasons it’s more popular than full lace wig.

if there is big difference when you wear full lace wig and lace front wig? I mean, cap inside ???

the follow picture show the search volume on Google of full lace wig, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, lace front wig.

It seems that lace front wigs is the most popular word on Google.

A lace-front implies that the hairline is ventilated (strands of hair knotted onto lace or net) while the remainder of the wig is wefting (“tracks” of hair composed of hundreds-thousands of strands) attached to a mesh or other kind of cap. Lace-fronts can be machine or handmade and do not usually require a person’s head measurements to be taken, unless custom-made. Lace-fronts also take less time to make, since ventilation is limited to the hairline. They give a more realistic appearance than your standard “hard-lace” wigs, but are more affordable than a full-lace. A lace-front can allow a wig-wearer to change their parting, whereas hard-lace wigs are not as forgiving.

A full-lace wig is entirely ventilated. All of the hair is attached to lace by being hand-tied and it is usually very time-consuming! Various types of human hair can be used in making a full-lace. They are often reserved for serious wig-wearers, stage/movie work, or celebrities because they last the longest of any wig type and are very costly. Unless it’s a store-bought full-lace wig, head measurements and tracings will be required (front to back hairline, ear to ear, head circumference). It’s uncommon for the average person to buy or wear a full-lace because of how expensive and uncommon they are, but many wig/beauty shops do sell them.

It’s much more common to find a lace-front wig since generally people are more concerned with a realistic-looking hairline & the ability to part their hair. The price disparity can be great between the two types as well, so lace wigs are not commonly worn by the layperson unless they are machine-made.

contact for your wig, thank you!