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Brazilian Hair, Peruvian hair, Indian Hair, Chinese hair, Myanmar hair, Russian hair, Vietnam hair

I really want to tell you what exactly Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, and Burmese hair are.

In fact, I do not think these are exported from Brazil or Peru (I mean Brazil and Peru in the national sense).

Let’s take a look at the data in 2016, Brazil’s population 200 million, Peru? Only 30 million. India has a population of 1.3 billion and China’s population of 1.3 billion.

So, really there are so many Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is processed into hair bundles and wigs? However, the largest wig exporter is China?

Then let’s take a look at the origin of the wigs in China.

Indian hair. India made a larger share. India’s hair is relatively soft, natural curved, can be dyed brown, light brown, after treatment, similar to the European hair, so more popular. There are even factories that sell India as Europe. But most Indian hair can’t be bleached to blonde. In the hair material, will be mixed with a large number of white hair and red hair, need to spend a lot of manual selection of hybrids, and therefore low prices.

China made. Needless to say, China’s huge population can provide a lot of hair. Chinese hair is hard and straight. Generally natural black hair can be used for more than a year. A lot of Chinese hair is used in tape in hair extensions. After the Chinese hair bleaching and dyeing, such as 613,60 and other blonde, superb quality.

North Korea hair. This refers to North Korea. Closed off the country, the economy is backward, a population of 25 million, labor costs are very low. This is why a lot of wig processing is in North Korea.

Myanmar hair

Maybe most customers didn’t ever heard Myanmar hair, maybe called Burmese hair. Most hair curtains are made in Myanmar. The color is closer to 1b. Of course, there are also some unscrupulous traders who have incorporated India hair into Myanmar for sale.

Vietnam hair. Superb hair but expensive. There are also local wig exporters.

Malaysia made. There are local wig exporters, but the technology is not mature, quality and price is not very competitive.

Russian hair. Expensive but rare.


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