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Is the human hair extension industry ethical?

I am not sure.

Some questions:

Is Indian hair comes from temple?

Why Chinese sell “ Brazilian hair” “Peruvian hair” “Indian hair”?

Indian hair comes from India or native American?

What is virgin hair?

What is remy hair?

Why such big different price for human hair?

Will hair industry bring environment pollution?

And so on.

Some questions I know the answers, some questions I don’t know the answers.

Now I am in the hair business, also the hair factories around my hometown.

Environment pollution is the worst thing now.

But bring high come for employees.

That’s ok, what about other people live here?

What about years later?

All I just hope the customers don’t buy cheap human hair.

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Where can I import high quality hair weave?

Good question.

I am a supplier from China. My company focus on human hair extensions and lace wigs.

Now google makes things easy that you can find many things. Many business start at google search.

if you search <Brazilian hair>, you may find some suppliers from your country, and some suppliers from China.

Actually, most hair extensions factories located in China. some located in Vietnam and India.

If you want to import high-quality hair weave, find the exact factories or trading companies.

Some factory focus on human hair extensions, some focus on synthetic hair extensions, some focus on human hair lace wigs, some focus on tape in hair extensions.

In China, most trade companies located in Guangzhou and Qingdao.

Most factories located in Qingdao, Juancheng, Xuchang.

If you want cooperate with factory, find one in these three point.

Then you need know what exact high-quality hair weave, and know how much the weave should be? not cheap, not animal hair, or no synthetic hair, or Japanese synthetic or Chinese synthetic?

If you don’t known anything about high-quality hair weave, better go to Guangzhou and see in the stores, touch the hair and ask why this why that.

And, if you can come to China, better go to Qingdao, Xuchang, Juancheng to find factories and visit.

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How can I find out the difference in quality between European, South American, Russian, Asian, and Indian hair, as used in wigs and hair extensions?

I am a supplier of hair extensions and lace wigs from Qingdao, China.

In my hometown, there are more than 100 factories that focus on human hair extensions and lace wigs.

When I step into human hair business, people say it 3A, 4A. hair named Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair.

Now people say it 8A, 9A, 10A, 11A, you said it virgin hair, I said it one donor hair.

Is there such many kinds of different quality hair???

All as I know, some hair from India, some hair from Chinese women, some hair from North Korea, some hair from South Asia.

European hair? Russian hair? I saw some guys post pictures or videos on Instagram, but I never heard that even one factory buy these hair.

South American hair? impossible.

I had check Chinese custom data about these, none.

Your questions is meaningless.

Quality won’t different by people. just by how the hair come from.

I post a video of Indian hair.

you will know, it’s small probability event to buy virgin hair or so call one donor hair from India.

As I know, in China, most virgin hair source are processing for hair extensions, such as tape in hair extensions.

The link on Quora:

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How can I find good human hair extension suppliers on Alibaba or AllExpress?

I am a supplier from China, I had ever sell hair extensions and lace wigs on Alibaba and AliExpress few years ago.

Is that hard to find a good supplier? Yes, very hard, really hard. Unless you come to China and go to the factories, touch the hair, wash the hair, know each point how the hair extensions come out.

In 2013, I started sell hair extensions on Alibaba. At that time, most customers just buy hair, no more questions, if quality not good, they try other suppliers.

Alibaba is not free for the suppliers, and AliExpress is free for the suppliers.

And there are more and more trade companies come out.

Now, both Alibaba and AliExpress charge from the suppliers.

If you talk to a salesmen on Alibaba or Aliexpress, a big problem is, big probability event is the salesmen just know, this is Brazilian hair, this is Indian hair, 8A, 9A, 10A. And how much. Especially on Aliexpress, sales are not professional sales, exactly, they are more like customer service, not sales or businessmen.

They don’t know why quality good, why expensive or cheap.

Cheap Hair On Market

Cost Of Different Hair

Analysis Of Hair On Aliexpress

Many points.

If you don’t know these, you ask 10 A and pay $30 for 18 inches/pc, that would be a joke.

Another things is, most suppliers sell “average” hair.

For example, 18 inches hair weave, price $15-$50, most suppliers just sell hair value $25-$30. Factories can produce high-quality hair extensions, but if your order quantity small, they won’t like to produce it. They won’t take a risk to stock rare types of hair extensions. They all looks the same, so you can’t tell which supplier is good.

In another words, you will find good suppliers on both Alibaba and AliExpress.

but the sales don’t know what the exact hair extensions you are looking for.

In 2017, I stopped sell hair on Alibaba, stopped contract with Alibaba. why?

More and more small buyers ask cheap hair, they don’t know why cheap.

More and more buyers just send inquiry and no reply.

Alibaba charge from the suppliers, that’s not real business for the suppliers.

No more than Google.

On AliExpress, each $100 you pay, Aliexpress charge 5% or more, I think Aliexpress is not better than Alibaba for the wholesalers or the retailers to find the source suppliers.

Now I post videos on YouTube want to show you the real hair extensions factory in China, how the hair extensions come out? What is good quality hair?

When you search on Alibaba or Aliexpress, you will find most pictures are same, Nice picture, low quality hair.

You can’t tell the quality by seeing a picture.

I show you all things in the videos, and tell you why this why that in the videos. The videos won’t lie.


Anyway, find a professional sales, your business will going easy.

Good luck.

The link on Quora:

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How much do full lace wigs usually cost?

The cost of the full lace wig depends on a lot of factors.

First is the workmanship of lace. In general, the practice of lace in different places is different.for example, the handmade lace wig will be more expensive than others, because its price of labor will always be higher than the mechanical price. And a full lace wigs needs an average worker for a day and a half, so it will be relatively expensive. Moreover, the price of labor in different places are different, resulting in the difference of the price of wigs. But in general, handmade full lace is much more expensive than other woven lace, because the labor cost can not be ignored.

The second is the materials. We all known that the human hair wigs are more expensive than the synthetic wig. The human hair is taken from our heads, while the synthetic hair is made by chemicals; even for the human hair, its cost of growth is relatively high, because it may need to take much time to grow longer in our head, while the synthetic wig may only take a few hours to complete, so we can know their difference in the price. For human hair full lace wig, the price of REMY hair is much higher than non-Remy and manual Remy hair.

In my opinion, I prefer human hair wigs because it just like really hair. With proper care, it can last a year or more when worn daily and it also feel great and can look incredibly natural. To be honest, in the wig industry, the average price is more than $150. Higher price for longer full lace wigs. If you think the full lace is too expensive, the 360 lace wig will be a better choice.

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Videos of hair and human hair lace wigs on YouTube I ever post

15 6D hair extension

14 cap inside of 360 wig

13 how silk top lace front wig looks like

12 how sew hair weft on machine?

11 how silk top part has being produced in workshop

10 human hair wig- highlight full lace wig for white women

9 how tape in hair extensions has being produced in workshop

8 how to work the 6D hair extension

7 how body wave Brazilian hair has being produced

6 one point why price of bundles different

5 the length of bundles and lace wig, different measure method.

4 a small factory, hair extensions and human hair lace wigs workshop

3 two tone lace front wig, black knots blonde wig

2 the contrast of high-quality and common quality blonde hair wig. platinum blonde hair

1 human hair lace wigs, the differences between full lace wig and lace front wig



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人间正道是沧桑 The road we have taken

The road we have taken
Translation is not vivid, the word vicissitudes contains too much tears, blood and Han.
We look at today’s Yiwu, is a developed open free market, however, maybe we do not understand “chicken feather for sugar.”
Of course, today in the market of Yiwu, we can still see the tradition of winning contentions. The meager profits moisten the business generation after generation.
If you envy the myth of a fortune overnight, it is better to come here to see how the business is continuing.


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In 2017, the total export of Chinese wig products is about 3.177 billion U.S. dollars

In 2017, China’s wig products are exported to all regions of the world. North America is undoubtedly the largest market in China, accounting for 40.26% of the export market. The United States, as the main consumer market in North America, accounts for 39.9% of the total. As the second largest export market for consumer hair products in China, Africa accounted for 34.8% of the total, up 0.3% over the same period of previous year, maintaining a steady trend. South Africa, Nigeria and Benin are the major African markets, accounting for 27.3% of the total. The remaining African countries together account for 7.5% of the total.

Most of Chinese wig products enterprises are located in Central China and South China, with a high degree of concentration, especially in Henan and Shandong. In 2017, the output of China’s hair products accounted for only half of the total exports of Henan Province, with an export volume of approximately 1.61 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 50.7% of the total. The second most closely related country was Shandong with an export volume of approximately 768 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 24.16% , The third of course, or Hunan, exports about 2.56 billion US dollars, accounting for 8.05%, Anhui and Guangdong exports accounted for 5.04% and 3.97% respectively, these five provinces have always occupied the top five Chinese wig export market share , Made a significant contribution to the development of China’s hair products industry.