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Hair Extensions And Lace Wigs Customized Packaging box

PVC / Packaging box

Please offer your design arkwork, logo, request about material, dimensions.
Usually the customized packaging for hair extensions is PVC bags, plus a cardboard, private logo labels.

For lace wigs, usually cardboard box, with private logo, image.

If you are making a fake wholesale business, or intend to start wig wholesale business, be sure to consider custom packaging and create your own brand, learn key points about quality control.

Please note that it is better that offer me all the details, such as logo size, cardboard thickness, image color, etc.
through the packaging of lace wigs, to highlight the quality of lace wigs, the power of the brand on the lace wigs

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9th China International Hair Fair

At the fair, I found several high quality Indian hair suppliers, some Vietnamese hair, Korean hair suppliers.
Overall, most of the hair raw materials are from India, China, a small part from Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Myanmar) and North Korea.
In hair extensions, tape in hair extension is the mainstream product, whether it is black hair or blonde. hair weave, closure, frontal relatively few exhibitions, wigs are many, such as full lace wig, lace front wig, half wig, machine sew wig, various manufacturers of wigs hat design is not the same, different types of lace materials, Structure and so on.
In addition, part of the lace wigs for the domestic market, part of the men’s toupee.

For wig store, wig manufacturer, I find the most important source, north Korea crochet organization. most lace wigs manufacturers from Qingdao are cooperating with cooperations from North Korea. Manufacturers from Qingdao shipp hair and lace cap to North Korea, manual work at cooperations there and ship back to Qingdao, finished in Qingdao lace wigs factorys.

This is why it takes 25-30 days for customized lace wigs, closure, frontal.

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Hair Extensions & Lace Wigs Business Off Season

Most of my clients go to beach right now, off season in hair business, workers have enought time to have a rest.

Last week a client ordered 1100 pieces hair bundles, how much time does it takes for production? Just three days.

What a hot day! Air conditioner work all day.

What do you think customers like better in summer? hair bundles or lace wigs?

Long hair or short hair more popular in summer?

hair extensions company OEM available in my factory.

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Lace Front Wigs Or Full Lace Wigs?-Wholesale lace wigs, cap inside of lace front wig& full lace wig

Lace front wig is cheaper than full lace wig, I think this is one of the reasons it’s more popular than full lace wig.

if there is big difference when you wear full lace wig and lace front wig? I mean, cap inside ???

the follow picture show the search volume on Google of full lace wig, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, lace front wig.

It seems that lace front wigs is the most popular word on Google.


Lace front wigs- lace front wig, please leave your comments, Thank you.

wholesale lace wigs business contact,


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Hair Wholesale Business-Brazilian Hair Or Indian Hair? Hair Extensions Or Lace Wigs

I like some data on Google.

From a global perspective, indian hair is more hot than Brazilian hair.
But in the United States, Brazilian hair is more popular than Indian hair

hair extensions and wig store.

more search on Google hair extensions than Wig store/ lace wigs.

It seems that I am doing lace wig business, which is in the hair market, accounting for a small part.
Today I saw a story, someone else’s experience.
The question is: how to sell a bottle of mineral water to sell 280 yuan?
Some people sell hair 40 yuan, some people sell 80 yuan, some people say that we sell the brand, some people say that we sell the price, then we in the end to sell what? The
The buddy’s answer is: the responsibility of sales is nothing more than two, the high-end products to sell higher prices, the pursuit of more sales for the general product. For a bottle of water, we can only follow its original price to sell, but to ensure quality, pay attention to user reputation, in order to sell a higher sales. Any behavior, want to sell a higher price of ordinary products, are poles apart.
Do you think the lace wigs is not an ordinary product?


Brazilian Hair Wholesale
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生发和熟发 unprocessed hair VS hair processed in acid solution

unprocessed virgin hair

It’s called 生发 in China that hair unprocessed, so caled virgin hair on the market, without be washed in acid solution. all cuticle intact.

Opposite, it is called 熟发 in China that hair processed, because of washed in acid solution, some cuticle has been take away, cuticle lose. For example, if you put 100 into it, just 90 come out.

Also, there are two grades of hair, one is 倒顺 that come out 90%, another is 泡发 that come out about 70%.

video of unprocessed hair:

it’s better chooice for tape in hair extensions that unprocessed hair.

Check the video on YouTube. tape in hair extensions.


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What is the hell A in Hair Extensions&Lace Wigs Industry?

Regarding hair, there are some misunderstandings. First one will be hair grade 1. In hair industry, there are no standard for hair grade some say 5a ,6a 7a, some say 8a, 9a, 10a. Really headche questions for suppliers. We just sort in non remy and remy hair. Remy hair also have normal quality and better quality. Remy hair that normal quality is enough for most customer’s request, you do not need to pay for better quality hair. If you wanna bleached hair to platinum blonde 613 in factory, then choose better quality hair, that will present perfect color look, if you want to bleached hair to 613 in salon, just choose normal quality remy hair.

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Lace Wigs Cap Dimension

Lace Wigs is different from the hair extensions, for everyone, the size of the head is different, around the various angles, size is not all the same. But fortunately full lace wig and lace front wig are part of the elastic network, in order to adapt to different people’s head type.
Whether you are doing lace wig wholesale business as wig store or buy yourself a wig, please determine the size of the wig you want, and like hair extensions, to confirm the length of the hair.

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360° Lace Wigs

360° lace wig

What We Have Improved our 360°Lace Wigs
1. Compared to other companies’ 360°lace wigs, ours are all made with improved anatomic design which will be more comfortable and more natural to wear .
2. With of the unique three-elastic mesh design in the weaving part on top, our 360°lace wigs have a very natural anatomic arc which can fit your head more closely and safely.
3. There are 4.5 inches lace in the front for deep parting and 1.75 inches lace in the back for a high ponytail and updo ,then you can freely style the wig as you wish.
4. They all come with adjustable straps in the back and 4 combs sewn inside , so you can wear without using glue ,tape or other adhesives .
5. They are all made with pre plucked hairline which can make you look more natural.
6. They all come with 150% and 180% density which can give you a thicker look.

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