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WhatsApp or Email?

I have been in hair business a few years.

2013, not much people use smart phone, I start to use WhatsApp at 2014, spring.

at that time, Email is still the most use in work.

Now, most messages send by WhatsApp, I send a lots of Email try to find some wholesaler, retailer, nobody reply me.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp is forbidden in China sometimes.

Also, without VPN, I can’t log in Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, what can I do else?

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Myanmar hair

I think most customers don’t know Myanmar hair.

As usual, it’s material of hair weave. color looks like 1b mostly. Also, some dealer mix Indian hair into Myanmar hair.

If you buy Brazilian hair/ Peruvian hair from a China hair company, 18″ straight price $25-$31, it’s probably Myanmar hair.

Why mix Indian hair into Myanmar hair??? Indian hair a few cheaper. As usual, motley hair in Indian hair.

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40 inches Virgin Hair bundle-Chinese Hair

unprocessed virgin hair

My company supply 40 inches virgin hair bundles, MOQ 1 Kg.

top quality virgin hair, can be bleached to color 613, 60, without motley hair. no white, no red, Chinese virgin hair

consistent, no short hair.

NOT WEFT, just Hair. Price:

36″ $1108/kg

38″ $1138/kg

40″ $1230/kg


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Different colors as the photo.

As usual, it’s same price for natural black, #1b, (this two color same, one natural, #1b hair colored) #1, #2, #4.

extra $2-$5 for #6 #10,

extra 10%-15% for brown #27, #30, #33, #613, #60, 99J and red

It’s avaiable for non remy Indian hair/ remy Myanmar hair to be bleached #27, but can’t be bleached to 613. some red hair mixed in.

Good quality remy (virgin)Chinese hair, Vietnamese hair can be bleached to #613, #60, totally high price.

Indian hair, non remy,

Chinese hair, virgin hair, natural black without hot oil treatment.

unprocessed hair

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Two contrast videos of Blonde 613 Full Lace Wig-Lace wigs wholesale

Hello, there are two videos link below, on YouTube, video of full lace wig, will you tell by video that which one quality is better??

price $194.6 VS $169.2. Wholesale price is different from wholesale price, factory is different from factory.

today, post these two videos of full lace wig, from different factories. different quality.

what’s the most point are you care for?????

lenght? hair weight? density? shiny or not? silky?

Everyday I try to express in authentically way, the word, silky. translation 垂度 in Chinese, one of the reference of the hair quality.

Actual photo in same box, same light.